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The mother of all Breadcrumbs? Hedera links to C3 AI, who's customer's include the US Air Force, 3M, Shell, Raytheon, Con-Ed and more

Help me flesh this out people, but I think I'm on to something. C3, who provides AI applications for large enterprises has some interesting links to Hedera. Trying to find more!   * C3 poached a blockchain/dApp guy directly from Hedera in April 2020   Sreejith S Kaimal, currently the Lead Site Reliability Engineer - AI & DevOps at C3.ai previously worked at Hedera Hashgraph. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sreekaimal   On his personal resume website, he writes the following:   "I have solid experience with DevOps, Cloud Transformation, design & development of Decentralized Apps using Blockchain, apart from that I have worked on digital transformation of large-scale enterprise system. " I possess over 17 years of experience in Application Modernization, Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation and New Technology training. I also have tremendous interest in AI tools, DevOps & building Decentralized Applications using Blockchain technology. " https://sreejithkaimal.com/   He has written very bullish and supportive articles on medium regarding Hedera, explaining its superiority. https://medium.com/@sreejithkaimal/keys-signatures-on-hedera-hashgraph-e173814456d5   He was named a Hedera MVP in 2020 https://twitter.com/sreekaimal/status/1240788136231346177?s=20 He was interestingly taken off the list, which is still up, possibly to obscure the link. Or maybe they just take off former employees as a rule.   **Other breadcrumbs:** * Leemon and Mance's links with the US AIr Force, a client of C3. * Steven Coles, the president of C3, follows Jay Johnson of the Coupon Bureau on Twitter, a prominent client of Hedera. * C3 is working with IBM - a Hedera council member. https://aithority.com/machine-learning/ibm-services-and-c3-ai-announce-strategic-alliance-for-digital-transformation-with-ai/ * C3 is working with FIS - another Hedera council member. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210617005027/en/FIS-Launches-First-in-a-N...
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