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The Creator's Galaxy Platform (built on top of Hedera network) - Gonna be epic if they can pull this out.

I read through the whitepaper of the recently announced Creator's Galaxy Platform and to be honest, I think this will be epic if the team can pull it out. I've been keeping my eye on this project for a while since it was first mentioned by Hedera, but this is the first time a whitepaper with clear economic incentives defined for all stakeholders. This project is going to disrupt the whole entertainment industry as well as traditional platforms and intermediaries ripping benefits from it. It will also provide a platform where you can actually create and sell your talent and ideas directly to other people. On a consumer side, you can directly connect with your "celebrities" within a few clicks. A bit surprised as it seems not many people in the sub cares about this. Probably the recent price movement has blown up our mind (which is perfectly fine as we all well deserve this moment of reckoning). Hedera's announcement: [https://twitter.com/hedera/status/1437783143600242694](https://twitter.com/hedera/status/1437783143600242694) Creator's Galaxy whitepaper: [https://www.creatorsgalaxyfoundation.com/whitepaper.pdf](https://www.creatorsgalaxyfoundation.com/whitepaper.pdf) Calaxy Apps whitepaper: [https://assets.website-files.com/5fdaf342451dbb72b680336e/6140b8aeb1b5ecd7213f926d\_Calaxy\_Whitepaper\_v1.0.pdf](https://assets.website-files.com/5fdaf342451dbb72b680336e/6140b8aeb1b5ecd7213f926d_Calaxy_Whitepaper_v1.0.pdf)
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