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Speculations on the future of Hedera

We are up 10x from $0.032 from the beginning of 2021. We are up almost 4x from $0.096 in early February. We are up a little more than 2x from $0.14 in early March. April has seen little movement so far, but q1 was really active. I think this year will be different from previous years as we exit the realm of speculation and start to see more projects come to fruition. Especially so in coming years when projects are in full swing and actual adoption accumulates. So I think we are coming from speculative bull runs, to anticipation of adoption, then on to adoption. Really excited to see hederas tech be functioning as it is intended to. Right now we are right at speculation and anticipation of adoption. Hedera has a hand in a number of cbdc tests right now, among other things. If these tests go well, actual adoption will seem like a no brainer (as if it isn’t already). Once the project is fully functional, the word gets out and it starts getting developed on by more people, we will really see how high this can go. Anticipation of adoption has already pushed it pretty good and I think it’ll push it further before full on adoption starts taking place. But man, once it does, I think people are gonna be fighting to get in the door and we will see rapid development on hedera network. Once the speculation subsides, and the anticipation is passed and adoptions is not only obvious but inevitable, this is gonna explode. My guess at least. Making our current gains in the graph look like little bumps. When do I think actual adoption will start taking place? I’m thinking probably 4-5 years at the soonest before we start seeing rapid development of different ideas, projects and businesses in hederas network. There are a lot of people that are just now finding out about bitcoin, let alone everything else. So there will be some lag before people who aren’t active in crypto catch wind of this. I think hederas peak will be in like 10-15 years tbh. Too long I know, but I imagine o...
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