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For those bleeding-edge early HODLers that accepted the SAFT exchange offer: - are there any public sources that detail the HBAR sold to calculate the quarterly bonus to be allocated (see below)? - how does the sideways price action and increasing transaction volume impact the bonus allocations? Ultimately all bonus in any case, just having trouble understanding how the current conditions work for or against us. EDIT: to provide background. Hedera conducted a SAFT in late 2018 - a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens, sort of like an IPO but before there was a product actually released and no HBAR issued until the mainnet went live TBD at some future time. So investors were jumping in based solely on the white papers and project potential. Long story short, Mainnet went live, HBAR price plunged and SAFT holders were offered additional bonus HBAR in exchange for extending the time they received their original SAFT HBAR. "The total number of hbars paid out each quarter to the group of participating SAFT holders as a whole will equal 10% of the total number of hbars that Hedera sold over the prior quarter..., including sale of coins received through network transaction fees and sale of coins from Treasury..." https://help.hedera.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013969618--How-many-bonus-allocation-hbars-have-been-distributed-to-those-who-accepted-the-proposed-SAFT-Exchange-offer-#breadcrumb
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