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Question concerning $HBAR , What needs to happen technically with HBAR that would facilitate a mooning type event?

It just feels like the space it getting too crowded. Like Obviously BTC has claimed the currency title with adaption happening everywhere and ETH seems to have claimed top spot when it comes to being the space to build all the new dapps and finance etc. So where does $HBAR fir in? What needs to happen where they can "blow up". Whats the goal? Even though I think HBAR is better than #BTC , and faster, and better for the environment etc, I dont see it or anything "bringing down" BTC. So, HBAR has a bunch of big companies involved.. that's good... but.. now what? What's the plan? Even if they start building dapps inside of HBAR, would anyone care about that? Would it effect anyone? I don't get it. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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