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Question about your investment strategy

I started investing in crypto this year in late January. When I first started, I read about the typical portfolio of BTC/ETH/alts. To be honest, I don't own either currently. I saw more potential on alts marketcap for growth compared to BTC, and ETH gas fees were ridiculous. I understand the logic of DCAing into BTC. But if I have done my research, and am willing to take more risk, why would I not invest most of my captial into Hedera for example. My goal is to eventually own 1-2.5 BTC. I would take more comfort in and potentially achieve my goal by investing in a network I believe will have major adoption someday. I had more success gambling 1 BNB at a time in shit coins then DCAing, and I took those profits and put most of it back into projects I believe are seriously undervalued. (I got lucky during the shitcoin phase, I could have already purchased 2 BTC with unrealized gains, and have already took multiples of my initial investment.) It may be my ignorance, or naivety as a beginner. But I'm still young (30), and can afford to take the risk now. For some reason I find it easy to hold a project like Hedera, because I truly believe in it being adopted long term based on my own research. I see BTC as a store of value, but even then I'd be more confident eventually owning and just holding it long term, rather then actively investing in it. Looking for opinions on this strategy. I realize I am asking this on the Hedera subreddit where most are bullish. Can anyone elaborate on their strategy, and what gives them confidence in it long term? Thank you! I plan to hold HBAR long term. I see the downsides being the same in any strategy I take, my investment going to $0. I see a lot more upside in my strategy, but I may not have a complete picture. Or I may have just got lucky in my first 6 months of investing/gambling. I only ever plan on taking profits out of projects I believe in if I need it, if I don't they are staying in long term. I plan on at least proxy sta...
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