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PSA: Slightly amusing/embarrassing problem stemming from lack of understanding...and a serious question

Sooo....I didn't know that the history of my account was available and publicly visible on Dragonglass. I've been shilling HBAR to all my buddies, family, strangers, sentient animals, etc; convincing them to get an account by refusing to repay little debts in fiat, paying people for labor on Minecraft in HBAR, the list goes on. So now on one of my accounts are a series of threats and warnings to friends in the memo field of each transaction, random notices of payments to buddies for things like oily massages, etc. I'm assuming that these are all there permanently lol. So, for the PSA portion of this post, don't post anything too crazy in the memo field. **On to the serious question:** What can be done about the problem of ignorance on the part of the pool of freelance developers of apps, sites, etc, on the use and potential of HBAR? Anyone who has read my posts on this forum will immediately grasp that I am not a brilliant sort of tech guy who easily grasps this stuff. I have good ideas with a tech cores, but I entrust the implementation of those to people smarter than me to build and manage. There have been a couple of ideas that I've been contemplating for quite some time now that I couldn't quite put together all the pieces on (and couldn't even identify why) until Hedera came along. One of them kept me from going to sleep for hours last night as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling trying to work my way through things. What I'm discovering is that I can't find a developer anywhere where I normally hire folks who has even heard of Hedera, much less is familiar enough with it to effectively implement it into a project. I read a LOT on this forum about how the ignorance of HBAR on the crypto scene is holding HBAR back in terms of 🚀🚀. In my humble opinion, I think the fundamental lack of awareness among builders is hindering progress more than anything. How much better would it be if someone went on Elance with an idea, and a developer said, "Ah, you know...
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