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Perhaps the Best Feature of Hbar

Please take a listen to Chris Cole's ideas about the relationship between established powers in the world and Bitcoin, starting at 45:45 https://youtu.be/dhy9lXFIVfI To summarize, he suggests that world governments may be playing along with Bitcoin because it is acting as a convenient receptical for the volatility and inflationary stresses that are downstream of the liquidity/printing trap that they've found themselves in. He speculates that they'll continue to minimally interfere and happily inflate the crypto bubble so long as that bubble continues to absorb and trap the negative consequences of their monetary policy, helping them to keep those consequences separated from the real economy and the USD, but when that dynamic fails, they'll just as happily annihilate the market and send all that volatility and inflationary stress out into the ether of nonexistence. I'm sure there's lots to be argued about what he's suggesting, but I'd rather not go in that direction. Rather, I'd like to use those ideas to point out what I think is one if the best features of Hbar: that it is suited for and invites regulation and participation with existing power structures. It seems to me that whatever some zealots may dream, the established powers of the world can and at some point will take an overwhelming interest in the speculative crypto markets, and when that happens, and projects are utterly destroyed left and right, Hbar will be a favored son, a recognized ally, and it will be spared. A large part of the crypto space would paint this participation with power as a negative feature of Hbar, and perhaps in some ideological sense I can see what they mean. The world, however, the real world, is brutal and the kind of power that the established power structures have doesn't tolerate actual existential challenges. It's not a negative feature, it's one of the best features. Power will enter the crypto space and Hbar will survive that day of the lord.
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