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News Letter from Hedera and recap of Consensus 2021

**The Consensus 2021 Recap** Another newsletter? So soon? We have had so much news over the past week or so at [Consensus 2021](https://learn.hedera.com/e/576593/events-consensus-2021/sfff4/344859889?h=G7NabhnjYddL2H3IlJGWDoNj9UeWe3J4nzfDD593Iok) we thought we would provide a handy recap of all the Hedera news that's fit to print. We've had new use cases, interviews with Mance and Leemon, podcasts, presentations, and more. We are very grateful for our amazing community - you are doing a great job amplifying all this news in the market. Keep it up, and let's educate the market together. **Hedera in the news** **05.25.21**[**Consensus by CoinDesk Day 2 Preview**](https://learn.hedera.com/e/576593/consensus-may-25-2021-20210520/sfff6/344859889?h=G7NabhnjYddL2H3IlJGWDoNj9UeWe3J4nzfDD593Iok) Leemon Baird is interviewed on CoindeskTV as part of Consensus 2021, and highlights the decentralization and transparency of the Hedera Governing Council. Watch the whole thing or skip to 14:05 for Leemon's segment. **05.25.21**[**\[RealVision Podcast\] Hedera Hashgraph: Solving for Performance & Security at Scale**](https://learn.hedera.com/e/576593/97f854117f4d3ea62350df2291bc62/sfff8/344859889?h=G7NabhnjYddL2H3IlJGWDoNj9UeWe3J4nzfDD593Iok) Ash Bennington of the incredibly popular RealVision podcast sits down for an interview with Mance Harmon. This is a great podcast for anyone new to Hedera and covers everything from hashgraph to the governance model. **05.26.21**[**Animoca Brands and Hedera announce Helix Warp and NFT-based football game**](https://learn.hedera.com/e/576593/rp-and-nft-based-football-game/sfffb/344859889?h=G7NabhnjYddL2H3IlJGWDoNj9UeWe3J4nzfDD593Iok) Hedera enters the gaming sector with Animoca Brands. An exciting first for the industry, Animoca Brands will build two games on Hedera backed by HBAR, and solve an intractable problem for the industry around scoreboards that traditionally are very hackable. **05.27.21**[**Dinis Guarda Interview with Dr. Leem...
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