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My speculation on hbar price

To those who don't think hbar price will be worth >$1: Hedera's vision is to provide a practically free network for everyone (due to its low transaction fees). This combined with hashgraph technology will lead to mass adoption. Hedera Hashgraph is designed to last for 100 years, to survive that long it cannot be prone to 34% attack. Assuming all 50b hbar is now in circulation, at $1 hbar, the whole market cap is only $50billion, 34% of that is only worth $17billion. Lets dumb it down and say it would cost the attacker $17billion to accumulate 34% hbar and attack hedera network. I dont think so To me $17billion is a small number to a lot of whales and at the end of the day I dont believe the hedera community will keep hbar price that low ($1) as the network would be prone to 34% attack. To tackle this problem I am guessing the governing council will adjust the fees schedule accordingly in order to inflate hbar price, make it impossible/ very costly for anyone trying to accumulate 34% of total hbar and jeopardise the network. TLDR: Hedera community is interested in keeping hbar price high to maintain network security and not prone to 34% attack.
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