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My simple understanding of future HBAR price mechanisms.

Have been thinking of the valuation of HBAR, does this make sense: -Besides speculation, there will be constant(and growing) buy pressure from companies that need HBAR to use the network to operate their business. This buy pressure doesnt care(simplification) about the price of HBAR they will always buy x dollrs worth/time. This is because the transactions are valued in dollars not HBAR -The sell side can decide what price they sell at since the buy side doesn't really care(about the HBAR dollar price). This would drive the price up. Also through staking the sellers would be incentivized to keep their staking reward HBAR to earn more staking rewards. In short: The buy and sell side don't really form an agreement on the price of transaction as in a notmal market. Instead the sellers have control over the price, as the buy side should be indifferent? Gains? Is there something I'm ignoring or misunderstanding?
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