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My answer to people asking "if hedera is so good, why arent they famous?"

This is from my understanding of all the research ive done hedera still in baby form, all investors dont want this in the eyes of everyone yet why? cause there is still just a small amount of HBARS out right now, around 16-17% big investors and the entire enterprise network around hedera are just accumilating and dont want high competition for a low price of the 260 mil HBARS that is getting released every month it is intentionall to not hard push hedera for the public, yet. they rather just accumilate and let a couple of billion more coins to get released without competition they have called themselves a 100 year company, its no rush compared to a hype coin that need it to go high now before the hype dies out. also my take on HBAR success and why it will go well, a worst case scenario is, IF, and really big on the "IF", the crypto space dont want something new like hedera, cause they dont want their bitcoin or eth etc to die, HBAR will gain price by the enterprise sector alone, all enterprises transactions and use cases. and with the hedera network enterprises that build on it and the council etc, will have a quite big % of the HBARS, their intrest will ofcourse be to HBAR to succedd aswell. and with some market manipulation i think if they want to, if it comes to their intrest. they can make hedera famous.
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