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Massively under valued

It's 5 am in Cali... And I guess I'll go on a rant... So my back ground is I'm a appliance tech and been on the business for 13 years.. I love my job and love talking to people. It's a very unique and special job in that I see how people live and keep mental note of how people and families progress based on their life choices. I love talking to older folks and them telling me how they bought their house in the 50s 60s and then 20 30 years later.. what they paid for their house is now what they would have to pay to buy a car. So what am I getting at.. Well there's going to be DRAMATIC change in social economic structure change the USA is in post industry stage... And has been for a while... And china has had that responsibility past on to them and that solved alot of their.....eeeh excessive human liability.. here in the states we have a different formula and many landmines that people end up in.... Well the blind folds are being removed since 2016 and a new system is being rolled out to overlay control human assets, transportation here and off planet. It has to be this way as your not going to be transporting gold coins and 100 dollar bills around... That was play money. And now 2020 vision.. Year 0 has started, from here on out is going to be dramatically different variety of the same coin though so with every generation based on capacity of humanity to carry foward... It's not our choice, where being lead. Hedera is a great project and will solve many problems, safer, friendlier, and distant worlds will be achievable. Injoy the ride.
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