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Ledger Nano X - MyHbarwallet.com Observation/Question

I have worked with several different cryptos in Ledger X. In all the cases, I do not need to know any information about any of those crypto addresses. I just needed my Ledger Nano X wallet and my Ledger personal recovery phrase. When it was announced Ledger added Hashgraph, I happily used [MyHBarWallet.com](https://MyHBarWallet.com) to move my funds to the new address secured by my Nano X. Just out of curiosity, today I tried viewing my funds on [MyHBarWallet.com](https://MyHBarWallet.com) (my seemingly only way to access my HBAR funds on my Ledger). I used my Ledger like I would for any crypto, however I discovered the [MyHBarWallet.com](https://MyHBarWallet.com) website asks me for my account number. Whoa. I didn't think I'd ever be asked this question, so I never wrote it down. I assumed, like my other crypto, as long as I had my ledger, I wouldn't need to keep track of my newly created HBAR account number. Thank goodness I happened to have an old sheet of paper with my former account number on it. I was able to then go back into an HBAR explorer and find out which account number I sent my HBAR to. If I didn't have that paper, I imagine I would have been screwed. Was there another solution I am not aware of? It would seem to me the benefit of having a Ledger is not having to stress over stuff like that. As long as I kept my Ledger recovery phrase, I'd be good. I guess I am wrong. Am I completely missing the boat on how to use Ledger Nano X to manage my HBAR (or all crypto for that matter)? Am I supposed to be keeping record of these account details for all crypto stored on Ledger? If so, then it seems like this defeats the purpose of owning a Ledger. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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