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Is it just me, or is the crypto trading app/site space getting overcrowded at this point? Especially when it comes to targeting the minority of retail crypto investors.

I originally wrote all this as a potential response to the recent post in this subreddit by an app called 7b.... but by the time I had put my thoughts down, I figured I'd better just make it a discussion post on its own. OK.... I'm all for competition, but I'm getting more than a little frustrated that there's so many crypto apps that are all trying to do the exact same thing, instead of solving issues and/or filling needs that other apps/sites don't. Despite the growing demand, crypto trading is a very niche space -- and the vast majority of people investing in this space have barely done enough DYOR to even grasp the base concepts of blockchain, DLT, DeFi, etc ---- and therefore they open a Coinbase account and never move past it, never look into other exchanges, apps, or wallets, because CB simplifies all the mystery ----- it dumbs it all down for them to the level of "having a bank account". It allows them to participate in this new technological economy without any effort to stretch their minds to comprehend the slightest thing about it, how it all works. Essentially, CB is the Apple of crypto -- any willfully-ignorant-fuck can pick it up and "get it" relatively immediately. And, for all intents and purposes, that's representative of (just throwing a number out there) at least 75% of the entire retail market of those who are currently invested in some crypto or another..... leaving all other exchanges/sites/apps to fight over the remaining 25% market share of crypto retail investors out there who actually give a fuck to DYOR -- who are excited enough about the future to dive deep and understand what crypto brings to the table..... And, I'm sorry but -- HOLY SHIT -- there seems to be way too many entities going out of their way to try to capture ***our*** business, without bringing anything new to the table, without solving any outstanding problems...... and, most shockingly, without any seeming desire to try to be even a ***slightly legitimate alternativ...
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