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I waited one year for this action

So I bought hbar 13 moth ago, I had no idea what it is or does it give me any kind of hope. Just bought cause i was drunk and i liked the name. My favorite coin is XRP and I've been hodling since 2017, so Im used to waiting. Since i bought hbar, I read about it and i liked the idea they are selling, so I bought more, (not really a lot cuz i dont really have money) but my portfolio was about %15 on hbar. After the April dip i made a promise to myself, if hbar hits 0.38 that ill sell (also other coins), and go full xrp before the case settled. I forgot i made a listing and literally sold my precisely 1500 hbar at 0.378$. It kinda feels good that a project i like is getting mainstream, also you always need a exit point in this world so you can be sane, but now when i look at my portfolio it feels empty. I wish I kept a sembolic amount. Wasn't expecting this much increase on marketcap/price. I'm happy for all of you. If ripple wins the case soon (which i believe they will), I might buy some hbar again to forget for 5 years. I feel like hbar will hit 0.75 this bullrun and set back to 0.4/0.35 till next run, but who knows. I wish all of you a good fortune guys, hbar still have a long road be patient.
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