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I think fees a comically too small

I understand that low fees are enticing to users, but I care about the long term financial sustainability of the network more than anything else. A network that has no incentive to exist will degrade. CryptoTransfer: $0.0001 Seems like an unreasonably low fee amount. Visa CC transactions are actually a couple cents to tens of cents, most of the time paid by merchants, and the system is extremely resilient and nobody ever complains about the terrible fees. If fees rise to say: CryptoTransfer $0.01 I won’t blink an eye, in fact I would say Hedera is significantly more attractive now.
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Now Available: Hedera JavaScript DID SDK

We at Envision Blockchain are happy to announce the release of the #opensource @Hedera #JavaScript #DID SDK and continued maintenance into the foreseeable future. @DanielNorkin @JasonPancis @w3c https...