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I’m upset but not leaving

I 1st bought in at .08 and I last bought at .40 (USD). HBAR is 90% of my wallet, but I also have VET, ADA, and ALGO. HBAR has seen its toughest days since from the I first bought in, and I will admit to thinking about doubting or even selling my HBAR. I have not because I believe in the process and that we are really really the early ones to the game. I am financially unwell right now, selling my HBAR would do me well, but if I didn’t I think I could survive. Im holding my crypto because I know I will hopefully benefit, but majority of my stake is on HBAR because I strongly believe it will change my life, and the world. My message is to anyone here worried about the drop, hold with me. HBAR is THE crypto of the future. Hope all is well and everyone has a nice day :)
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