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How do you start a node as an absolute beginner?

I've been reading up and researching hadera hashgraph, I'm very excited about the technology, and I think HBAR will eventually be bigger than Bitcoin. But I have some really dumb beginner questions. If you guys wouldn't mind helping me out, I would really appreciate it. Mainly, how do I set up a simple node or mirror node just to support the network, and start collecting HBAR? (Like mining Bitcoin) It seems like everything I've read suggests there's a lot of programming code involved. Is there software that a non-programmer could download and set up on a spare computer in their house to support the network and collect HBAR? If that does not exist, why not? Am I just early to the party? Are there plans to create such a thing in the future? Or, is the network intended to only be run by big servers with only custom software, and not everyday individuals? Because the impression I get from the philosophy and vision of the project is that you would want as many devices as possible around the world supporting the network, because the more distributed and democratized the network is, the more secure and reliable the system would be. Which would imply that you would want all sorts of computers, large and small. Am I understanding that correctly? I would also be surprised if this was not within the long-term vision of the project, because I would think you would want a currency for all humanity--independent from the control of any one government or consolidated power structure--to be able to be supported by just about any human being with a computer. Anyways, any help, clarification, or answers to these questions anyone can offer would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks! *Edited for typos and clarity
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