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In my opinion hbar will never become to big. Max about a dollar. Basically because of tokenization errors. 50 billion to start off with. The more it's value increases, the less people using it's network need to hold to pay for the transaction fees. Because trancsation fees is linked to the dollar. If now you need 1hbar for your transaction. Then you will only need 1/3 of that, ie. .3 hbar if the price rises to 1 dollar. What this basically means is, a rise in its price effectivly kills it's demand. Sure over years it may reach a dollar maybe 5 dollars in 20 years. (due to inflation of the fiat currencies and other similar factors) But it's never ever gonna do what eth or btc or doge coin for that matter did.. It just doesn't have a buying frenzy behind it. It is probably the safest crypto to invest in. But don't really expect to go to moon with it.
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