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Hedera and Privacy

I have seen a lot of tweeting by the Privacy IC of Hedera but not a lot of mention about privacy. I was wondering what it is she actually does to deal with privacy on Hedera? What action does she take that makes Hedera more private. If she is available I would love her to give an explanation of how Hedera could influence or provide privacy on its network? What level of privacy does Hedera feel obligated to meet? I'm interested in specifics here like law enforcement level warrants, behavior of people with different ideologies that may be contrary to the majority? How would political boundaries influence what can be private and what can't? What data does Hedera collect (if any) on users. Since Hedera is running in the "background" and anyone can build on Hedera is there actually anything that Hedera can do to assure that it is private beyond their interaction with the app on the network. Is there a way to demand removal of an app or other influence that Hedera can bring to one that acts with a certain behavior. Is the move to bring a vocal privacy expert on board part of being compliant with the SEC? What US or other laws or regulations does Hedera feel obligated to meet? What are the pitfalls and challenges of having privacy in such a potentially huge and international network? Then with a summation of Hedera's privacy outlook. How does it achieve that?
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