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Hedera - a different tech, a different approach

https://preview.redd.it/xjof0831jpi71.png?width=1200&format=png&auto=webp&s=6ebb961bb02de6da3911b6183f24de8a4a8fba39 Two hospitals in UK used Hedera for tracking temperature, in a tamper proof way, of Coronavirus vaccine before administering to patients. Standard Bank will be using Hedera for bonds issuance and trading ([https://hedera.com/blog/standard-bank-an-analysis-of-decentralized-bond-marketplaces](https://hedera.com/blog/standard-bank-an-analysis-of-decentralized-bond-marketplaces)). Dovu ([**https://dovu.earth/en/**](https://dovu.earth/en/)) uses Hedera to inexpensively issue tokenized carbon credits to any person, business, or government. Entrust ([**https://hedera.com/users/entrust**](https://hedera.com/users/entrust)) selected Hedera to provide a trusted mechanism to track and track agriculture supply chain across wine and similar verticals. Everyware ([**https://everyware.co.uk/**](https://everyware.co.uk/)) uses Hedera Consensus Service to keep an immutable, tamper-proof, and verifiable record of sensor data. Tune.fm ([**https://tune.fm/**](https://tune.fm/)) is a tokenized music economy that enables artists to get paid directly for every second streamed. These are just a handful of use cases of what is possible on Hedera Hashgraph. Unlike most Blockchain projects that focus on permissionless networks, Hedera focuses on permissioned networks (with plans to become permissionless later) enabling enterprise grade decentralized applications and, therefore, Hedera could be one of the DLTs (distributed ledger technology) supporting issuance of CBDCs (central bank backed digital coins) in future. **Vision**: Hedera believes that in order to become Google you have to start with search. Hedera is a general purpose DLT offering multiple use cases to be built on top of that. It wants to become a stable, trustworthy network for enterprise-grade applications. **USP**: Hedera is a little different. One, it uses hashgraph and not cryptography. Secondly, it uses g...
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