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HBAR tanks. Again.

Price continues to tank. If use cases are being deployed as we speak, why aren't these reflecting in prices? Do enterprises need to buy HBARs from market or are Hedera selling direct to these large enterprises via their treasury? If they are going direct, what is the point of listing HBARs in exchanges? For small scale start ups that could potentially become big one day and for retail investors that want to speculate? It appears as though no one wants to touch HBARs even with a stick. If smart money was in, surely we'd have a larger market cap with all these 'use cases' and be beating 'Sushi swap' after their recent collapse at the very least.... Coinbase appears to be focused more on DEFI coins...no one has a clue whats going on there..... I see little to no incentive from the team to deliver any promising news about key developments happening behind the scenes. Saying bunch of NDAs signed doesn't translate into anything..... Feels like we will be going through an extended period of serious stagnation with the team being so radio silent 24/7 on key developments. Frustating...Getting a little tired of these non-stop hypes about Adsdax mostly and Chopra Foundation where the founder keeps referring to Hedera tech as blockchain instead of hashgraph......... Sorry for the vent. Any thoughts on where we see ourselves by eoy?
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