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HBAR Shower Thoughts

I’m always wondering if I should buy more now. I’m constantly thinking about this. I think it’s an awesome long term project but there just is some mental barriers to get over of buying some coin or stock and watching it immediately fall. So I’m always trying to price out the coin and think where it could go. The process really is futile from a pricing perspective and I shouldn’t care but it’s just human nature. I think there are a few key factors to price into the coin that tells you that whatever the price is today, is nothing compared to what it will be in the future. Basically I’ve just convinced myself to buy more... again. These are all listed in likely chronological order and also the order of least impact to most impact. 1) not even listed on coinbase. I’m positive once it’s on coinbase it’ll sustain a 20-50% increase. That’s just what happens with these coins, for better or worse. 2) once staking is allowed. The coin will drastically increase. 3) there will be a wave coming where this coin will finally become mainstream. It’s the only 3rd gen coin. It’s different from all the others and better. One day a large group of people will be wishing they bought at 30, 40, 50 cents rather than $5. These are all macro events that’ll (IMO) drastically change the price. I’m a long term investor and believer. I’m not looking to sell out at the coinbase phase. Hell, I’d even run a node. But those three events help reassure me that I need more at this price right now, at this price tomorrow, and at this price at any point in the future before those three events occur. Edit: disclosure: I obviously own some Hbar and I’m not a financial advisor. These are just things I believe will happen. Do your own research and make your own risk based decisions.
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