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HBAR · 5d

Does anyone else think that the HBAR FUD YouTube and social media personalities are going to start changing their minds?

I mean, HBAR's price action compared to the rest of the crypto market has gotta' be turning heads at this point, and getting people to dig deeper into understanding what's going on with HBAR. I'm hoping this week marks an inflection point in sentiment towards Hedera that could drive even more adoption from the retail investor space. Of course (tin-foil hat activated) there's always the possibility some of the social media space has been willfully playing down HBAR's potential, either to fill their own bags, to push a philosophical agenda, or to hype up their own crypto investments. Just based on how much shilling I've seen on YouTube, I wouldn't doubt there's a lot of intentional attempts at market manipulation by many of those folks. All the same, I'm definitely on the watch for reactions anyways, as HBAR starts becoming too big to ignore.
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