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Difference between 'cryptocurrency' TPS and 'other' TPS

Hello HBarbarians! Got a question regarding TPS. Everyone seems to be talking about the **cryptocurrency TPS**. The number that's thrown around (and advertised) is the 10,000 TPS\*. On their website they mention this is cryptocurrency TPS. My question here is why is this number so important (and what exactly does it mean? I've looked at [https://docs.hedera.com/guides/mainnet](https://docs.hedera.com/guides/mainnet) where they mention a **TPS of 13** **for file transactions**. This number is much more important, right? If so, then it is not that much faster than bitcoin (who is at \~4-5 TPS). Is the file transaction TPS also throttled? Can they increase it, if yes to what? What I'm trying to say is that 13 is still awfully low, and not even close to being scalable for say Visa. I'm not sure whether I should be worried about it. Can anyone give me any insights? Please and thank you.
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