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Demand Pressure Has a Ceiling? - Very Rough Economic Questions

Disclosure: Not FUD, I'm all in for HBAR Future: Assuming HBAR price goes up due to inc usage, companies will buy less and less HBAR (and still get same value) to fulfill their operational needs Implying that HBAR price will increase at a decreasing rate as demand goes up because buying pressure/demand will increase at decreasing rate ceteris paribus With that being said, won't price just level off at some point? even with increased adoption and more transactions? \-Staking will inc demand too, but I'm trying to ask won't the high price per coin be way too costly for any real buy pressure/price increase (institutionally derived) \-Maybe after supply is fixed at 50,000,000,000 then price will inc again bc less supply inc, but still marginal price inc \-This feels important because I think most of us think institutional adoption will ultimately lead to HBAR price going up. But if what I'm suggesting above is reality, then there might be a cap on the price increase. We might then consider retail investors as a demand plug (like Bitcoin for store of value), although I don't think that's viable for Hedera right now and certainly doesn't align with its stated mission. A better comparison, to hopefully prove me wrong, is probably with Ethereum because its native crypto is used to run dapps similar to HBAR running native functions for Hedera Thanks and apologies in advance for my not understanding
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