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Demand for Hbar

I’ve been thinking about what could actually drive demand for hbar and increase the price. Recent GC announcements haven’t really affected price at all. Many people have said that adoption will drive demand for hbar and increase price. I’ve done some calculations and by my calculations the fees generated so far from all time transactions are really low. 1.5B x 0.0001 = $150k in fees total. Even if all transactions aren’t at that super low fee base the figure can’t far off. So, roughly only 600k hbar would have been used (at todays prices) to run all time transactions, out of a supply of 8B. If Hedera increase transactions to 1B per month that only requires 7.2M hbar annually out of a huge supply. And, side point, the number of hbar required decreases as price rises because transactions are pegged at $0.0001. Am I missing something or will there ever be significant demand for hbar even at adoption levels predicted in the future?
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