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DApp Highlight- Avery Dennison/Atma.io

Atma.io allows for products (creation, supply chain events, and sale) to be verifiably recorded on Hedera. Atma uses the [Hedera Consensus Service](https://hedera.com/consensus-service) (HCS) that makes it possible for businesses to create their own ledger with public trust. Recording these events with Hedera Consensus Service establishes an immutable and verifiable history for every product. When a supply chain event occurs, the product metadata is hashed and sent as an HCS message to Hedera, acting as an immutable 'product birth certificate.' atma.io utilizes HCS topics so that each manufacturer has its own partition for storing immutable product records, which are later on checked for integrity. Working as a unique ID for the product, we can now trace the product through a series of HCS messages. For atma.io customers, this means: * The authenticity of a product can be verified throughout the supply chain – improving a brand's ability to communicate its carbon footprint or quality of materials. * Consumers can instantly check product recalls. * Secondary markets can count on exchanging authentic goods. https://preview.redd.it/k58mapchcnn71.jpg?width=2323&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=b237b063844b0a63cf2e5e00274b07d3cbd105db More information if you're curious: [atma.io](https://www.atma.io/) [What is a connected product? Step-by-step guide to atma.io](https://youtu.be/SCRJCZa9DD4) [hedera.com/users/atma-io](https://hedera.com/users/atma-io) [Youtube - Why a connected world is a more sustainable world, enabled by atma.io](https://youtu.be/ltoPnf2EcP4)
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You should definitely read it differently. G7 countries won’t deploy a cbdc on a public ledger (at least for many many years). Better they use a private Hashgraph system and HCS for inter-CBDC communi...