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Anti anxiety pill

Hello Hederians and hello future! With the recent bloodshed in the crypto market recently, many may feel anxiety about the future of it all. I found the best cure to this short term emotion is objective fact and hope based on evidence. The price of Hbar has many factors, it seems at the current moment demand is coming from two places: speculation and transaction demand. We know speculation is very unstable, but what about transaction demand? Use cases currently running on Hedera fuel this demand. Here are a list of use cases currently operating on hedera(non exhaustive list) -everywhere(medical use case) -safe health systems inc -adsdax -tune.fm -coupon bureau -Hala systems crisis prevention -power transition -TOKO -dropp I missed a few but the current use of this DLT amount to 5million transactions a day, the next list is jaw dropping in potential transaction volume! this is enterprises planning on platform and product launches soon(non exhaustive): -eftpos micropayments -atma.io -Coupon bureau full scale -trusted sla’s -calaxy This next list is the final one, no official use cases announced from these enterprises, but it does not require much thought to realize the implications of these things(non exhaustive): -standard bank, stable coins for Africa and possible CBDC -Shinhan bank, direct statement of intent to build fintech off Hedera, and very likely South Korean CBDC built on Hedera -contender for US CBDC through emtech Hedera hashgraph is poised to become the most used DLT in a few weeks, it truly is spreading out like Hedera, slowly but surely wrapping itself around everything in its way. One day the DLT world will look around and realize Hedera is touching everything, and the only thing that runs through the Hedera vine is something you have hbarbarian, it is the one thing that keeps the vine alive, Hbar. HODL.
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Got another one...

Last Tuesday @provendb sent an email to their userbase. Their freemium model couldn't afford to use ethereum anymore – due to a 20,000% increase in the cost – and have since switched to @hedera. pic....
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🥁 It’s been heavily requested and we heard you. We'll meet you at the bar! Introducing @hedera to the Uphold platform! HBAR is listed as a Tier 4 crypto, this means you can buy, hold and sell on Upho...