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Am I Missing Something?

Is it me or is the crypto community seem aggressively ignoring this project. Am I missing something? I have been following the grown of this project for a number of year now and they seem to have solid tech, a reasonable circulating supply, multiple use cases already implemented with seemingly unlimited use cases in the works and a huge level of support from well respected and recognizable enterprise entities. Am I missing something? Why does the crypto community treat this project like the red headed step child or the kid in school who sticks their hand down their pants to scratch their butt, smells their fingers and offers you a sniff. Am I missing something? The Bitboy YouTube channel just had a panel of other crypto content creators on his show today. When they mentioned CBDC's there was not one single mention of Hedera, only that Ethereum is being looked a country. Hedera seems to be getting looked at for use as a CBDC by at least 6 countries I can think of off the back. In conclusion, I am still stacking but, am I missing something?
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