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2021 year of scale

About 75 days remaining (as last 15days in Dec are for festivities & no work) for 1) 5 more Governing Councils reveal - mostly in Fortune500 (amongst already existing big shots like Google, IBM, Avery Denson, Boeing, Tata Communications, Wipro, Zain, Nomura, DLA Piper etc.) 2) Open Review for base layer of the codebase 3) Integration with Rosetta API 4) Resulting in probable exchange listings in Coinbase & Kraken 5) More enterprise use cases being announced/discovered, similar to Adsdax, Coupon Bureau, EFTPOS Australia for Micropayments, Entrust (Australian Agri supply chain), Acoer, SeunWaters, Humankind, Deepak Chopra's Never Alone app, Calaxy app by Spencer Dinwiddie and many more already 6) Coupon Bureau Mainnet launch (it is estimated that CB alone will scale up to 10,000 tps on Hedera Mainnet in the next 2 years); Adsdax already doing million trxs per day 7) Wrapped HBAR - if you want to use hbar on Ethereum for DeFI earnings 8) Multiple POCs for CBDCs, Micropayments, Logistics, etc. already active in the background 9) Lots of quality wallets already available to choose from - IVY, Atomic, WalaWallet, BRD etc. 10) And we are SEC compliant! Next year - 1) possibly, the remaining 19 Governing Councils announced 2) Multiple enterprise use cases of the existing GCs coming to fore 3) Multiple non-GCs use cases being announced 4) Not to forget: 2020 was the year of Validation, while 2021 will be the year of Scale. Hence, much higher TPS 5) Possible integration with Ledger & Trezor 6) Enhanced awareness about the company in the Cryptosphere & beyond 7) HBARs coin release will be slower than 2020 - only half next year 8) Possible launch of staking towards year-end Hedera is definitely a class apart and we all should be glad that we are already associated at such early stages. Price surely does not reflect the real value. But, in order to help, we can act as brand ambassadors for Hedera and spread awareness to every enthusiastic investor in our circle or on s...
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