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HEAT server 0.9.2 update, optional but recommended (for forging nodes)

Heatledger 0.9.2

This is an optional update.

But highly recommended for network stability!

* Fixes a bug which made the full rescan and validation fail. Please at all times keep heat.forceScan and heat.forceValidate enabled at all times at during these early days. * Improved log output to show blocks pushed and popped again. * Raised `heat.numberOfForkConfirmations` in the default config back to 2. * Unset the `heat.apiKey` in the default config, if you want to use the restricted apis (start forging, get peers etc..) you have to set it yourself * Documented an existing feature in the config. `heat.startForging` it does exactly what it says, if you put your secret phrase there with out quotes and all on one line on startup your server will start forging with that account. A WORD OF CAUTION !! If used anyone of course knows where to look for your secret phrase. So use with caution, when balance leasing is up this can be used more responsibly.
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