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Some feedback from my side

Hey all harmonauts. So I think most of you are aware of recent outage we had. So I thought I will take a moment to reflect what I saw following discord/reddit. First of all a huge shout out and thank you to the team. Not gonna lie, shard0 went offline at the moment I tried to bridge a huge chunk of my bag. And oh boy it was a stressful day. But deep down I knew everything will be ok, those things happens. But we need to learn from this. So few things I noticed: * Communication - when rpc issues happened first time for me, it was at the beginning of summer and I remember there was no updates, it seemed team doesn't even know about them. Nowadays communication from team is superb - yes there could be improvements but it's like day and night what was before. Daniel/Soph and others did a great job updating everyone and coordinating validators. * Lack of manpower? - so yesterday it seemed that many of the team was up for like 24hours or even more. It's probably inevitable that you will do long hours during emergency. But going without a sleep could be even worse. Without a sleep chance of making a mistakes is a lot higher. And critical thinking or decision making goes out of the window. But I heard that team is searching for new engineers so I think in the future when emergency happens there should be shifts so there is no one who stays up working for more than 16hours. I might be wrong on this one, just how I saw it. * Dedicated channels for only validators - So mainly I was following harmony mainnet-nodes discord channel. And some of the validators pointed out that there should be private or read only channel for validators. Cause during outage there was moments when random people came in to cry or troll. Even worse that could happen is if bad actor pastes some code to run that is malicious and compromise blockchain. * Updates rolled out in smaller chunks? - So I'm not sure about this one cause I didn't dig deep enough. But from what I saw on github 4.3.2 was a bi...
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Harmony's TVL remains strong!

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