OpenXSwap Aggregator has now expanded from Harmony and is also live on Fantom

self.harmony_one1m ago
We are a Harmony-based DEX building since day one of Harmony, now quickly expanding into other blockchains and becoming a **multi-chain one-stop-DEX** and more, with a single Harmony-based token empowered by **deflationary tokenomics**. Since today, we are also available on the **Layer 1 Fantom blockchain** [with our aggregator](, which is still being developed as we speak, and will be expanded as things move forward, eventually becoming truly multi-chain. Come build with us by giving us feedback and telling us about issues or lacking features you have come across! Included into the Aggregator is **MultiSwap**, allowing people to exit their **larger positions** by employing **multiple swapping routes, minimizing the price impact** during an execution. ​ [Expanding in Harmony with other blockchains]( \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ **FULLY INTEGRATED INTO OPENSWAP'S DEFLATIONARY TOKENOMICS** This aggregator helps users, the ecosystem but also OpenSwap's very own deflationary tokenomics. Fees introduced into the aggregator allow for buyback and burns of the inflationary OpenX token whichever chain you find yourself on. DEX tokens are always inflationary in their nature, we have employed deflationary mechanisms to address this exact issue, without any drastic and overcomplicated means. \_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_\_ **Find Us Here:** * [DEX]( (Meanwhile Harmony ONE only) * [Aggregator]( * [Telegram]( * [Discord]( * [Twitter]( * [Sub-Reddit]( * [OpenSwap University]( * [OpenSwap YouTube Channel](