How to further help Harmony and its growth.

self.harmony_one14d ago
Hello Harmonauts, Right now as the market shifts towards waters unknown there are lots of questions up in the air including "which altcoins will survive a crypto winter?". I believe we now as a community have the chance to help in pushing Harmony ONE another step further by becoming active members in its decentralization. While we cannot write code and develop products for Harmony we can support on this level with relative ease. For this purpose I would like to introduce a group called **Harmoforce.** **It is vitaly important that I state, this group is ALL VOLUNTEERS, not another DAO or group seeking money, just true Harmony bulls looking to further the blockchain!** There mission statement is as stated below: "*Harmoforce is here to help new and small validators kickstart their goal of being elected and stable. We're doing this by coming together as one to temporarily delegate to our validator until we as a group determine the validator is stable.* *The validator selection process will be based off our dive list which will be worked from the top to the bottom. Signing up is easy by filling out the questionaire to give us some info about the node. Once completed the validator spot is transferred to the list in the order recieved from top to bottom. This structure gives our validators a first in first out basis.* *For each new dive ("dive" is the amount of time the group is delegated to a validator) Harmoforce must reach consensus in order to "dolphin" into our next validator. ("Dolphin", this term is specific to our community, it is the process of redelegating to our next Pod. Pod = Validator to be supported). To help sustain our validators, we encourage all Harmoforcers to leave dolphin droppings (5% of their bag delegated) to stay with our newly stablized validator. This process will be repeated to as many validators necessary until true decentralization is on the Harmony network.* *Maintaining eligibility is mandatory and will be needed in order to ensure our validators are staying active. To maintain eligibility validators will need to stay active by voting/participating in HIP proposals.* *We are 100% transparent and welcome all sized dolphins to come join and follow us today!"* **Here are a list of validators that Harmoforce has already helped reach election:** [ONE UNITED POWER || GUARANTEED LOW COMMISSION]( [PiStake]( [Rhythm]( [Crypt0Tech]( [OneBullValidator]( [BOXEDCLOUD🐬|| LOW COMMISSION ALWAYS || COMMUNITY ALWAYS]( [QUICK.ONE|LOWEST FEES|HIGH RETURNS|MONTHLY GIVEAWAYS]( [metaONE KLAS (Current Pod)]( **I strongly urge any Harmonauts looking to continue support of this blockchain to consider joining! You only need 100 ONE to delegate and give your support!** [**Twitter**]( **-** [**Reddit**]( **-** [**Telegram (most active)**]( **-** [**Discord**](