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Hermes Defi - Giveaway AND Brainstorming Ideas with Community

**-- -- Community Brainstorming -- --** Hermes Defi will be hosting its second community brainstorming event on Wednesday, January 19th. I was able to participate in the first one and let me be the first to say it was awesome! Two of the Devs (Valleyrider and Austin) sat in the stage for over an hour listening to the community propose ideas, some of which have already been implemented within the protocol. Catch up from the first Community Brainstorming Event here []( **The key point here is you don't have to be a holder or a whale to have your ideas heard EVERYONE is welcome to share their ideas! -** [Discord]( \-- [Discord Event]( **-- -- GIVEAWAY -- --** **Right now you can win a nice little starter pack of PLUTUS simply by joining the discord and reacting to our giveaway bot! -** [Discord Giveaway]( **-- -- THE INFO -- --** **Hermes Finance (PLTS / IRIS) -- -- SAFE, TRANSPARENT, and FAST.** *After our 8 weeks together with IRIS in Polygon plus the adventure started with APOLLO, the time has come to launch PLUTUS on a new blockchain. We have strived to provide new ways for our investors to achieve profitability while reaching out to more and more communities, making Hermes a great place to stake your favorite LPs.* *We are looking to keep the strength in our governance token (IRIS) in Polygon but at the same time provide a new token in a new ecosystem with new possibilities. In addition to this: our NFT line will continue to develop during this time, looking for our niche within the Defi sector.* Her...
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A Breakdown of PLUTUS Tokens - 1/26/2022

Plutus is currently on week four of the eight week emissions schedule listed/shown below: 4.1 per block for 15 minutes 4 per block for 2 hours 0. …