A Glimpse at what we're building! - Cerebral Gaming DAO

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Giving Thanks:

In just over a week our community has grown at a very rapid rate. I’d like to start off by giving a HUGE thank you to everyone who has joined our Discord, followed us on Twitter, or has shown support in any other fashion. This DAO would not be possible without each and every one of you.


Some of you may know me as Crypto Clay on YouTube, some of you may know me as Clayford08 in the gaming world, and some of you may just know me as Clay. I’ve been a strong advocate of the Harmony Blockchain for nearly two years. I’ve been in the crypto market for a total of 9 years. Bitcoin blew my mind in 2013 when I really started to dig into what it represented. To me, it represented financial freedom from oppressive governments and tyrannical bankers. When I joined the Harmony community, there was already a solid foundation but the outreach was lacking and the vision was very broad. Since then, Harmony has really made a name for itself as the chain to build dApps on (due to its fast, cheap, and secure transactions). Specifically, Gaming dApps. Gaming has always been a colossal part of my life. I’ve played anything and everything; WoW, Starcraft, Counter Strike, Zelda, Rust, Escape From Tarkov and many more. If it had a great storyline or phenomenal PvP action, I’ve played it.


I have a very clear vision of where I would like to take this DAO, however, it will be up to the members where this all eventually leads. My vision for this DAO is simple:

Raise capital in non-traditional ways, through the sale of NFTs and potentially other methods. (More details to come!) Issue a governance token through the DAO, to vote on multi-directional proposals. Invest in as many solid gaming startups as possible. (Play to Earn, Metaverse, NFT Games, etc) Setup a budget structure for spending and saving, hot/cold/multi-sig wallets, and create goals for each quarter/year Design and develop methods to expand our guild toward borrowing/lending NFTs, building a streaming/tipping platform for crypto gamers, and potentially setting up an E-sports team.

My vision also includes that this project is open to people of all financial backgrounds and is completely transparent in all its business dealings. The entry price to become a member of the DAO will be small enough for every type of investor. This DAO is for those who cannot afford NFTs themselves, whether that’s due to financial reasons or time constraints. (Researching markets is very time consuming and NFTs can be rather expensive)


Many people have asked how the token gets its value. The token derives its value from the assets that the DAO itself owns. All land plots, heroes, liquidity pools, tokens, and stablecoins that the DAO owns make up the value. Not only that, the token itself is what allows members to vote on business ventures. By being a token holder, you essentially own a portion of every asset that the DAO owns.

On the Horizon:

I can’t speak too much on this, as things are still being worked out, but we have a very exciting partnership that we will be introducing very soon! This will help us not only launch our project to new heights, it will create a lasting relationship with another great project on the Harmony Blockchain!