Weekly Roundup: Alpha Progress – Matchpool

5Y Ago

Weekly Roundup: Alpha Progress Since the Alpha release last week, we have noted all the responses and have had over 570 Alpha users test the platform.

We’re currently working on fixing, improving the Alpha. The bugs you have submitted in the community forum have been forwarded to the product team and are being reviewed, prioritised and fixed. Several suggestions for improvements have been accepted by the team and will be included in the next release, Alpha 1.1, which will be a much improved and revised version. After Alpha 1.1 is released, we’ll be working on new features and aim to release an Alpha 1.2 with a revised and advanced discussion and in a further Alpha release, matchmaking functionality. 🎉

The plan is to gather bugs reported and suggestions from the community throughout, and update the app.matchpool.com website as soon as the development of all the features have been completed and tested with a flawless user experience.

Once the development team have completed the features in the Alpha phase, we’ll work towards our Beta release, including the blockchain functionality that enables the use of the Guppy tokens within the platform, and much more. ✨

We are announcing a new contest! Every week, the owner of the pool with the most members (excluding pools owned by team members) will be awarded with 50 Guppy tokens! (limited to one win per user).

The ‘Uppy your Guppy’ contest is still up and running! Check out the forum post now to participate in our alpha feedback & suggestion contest, with two prizes of 5,000 Guppy each! There’s one more week left so hurry up and if you want to participate. We will announce the two lucky people who sent us the most insightful suggestions and feedback to date.

Interested in winning Guppy tokens and helping the Matchpool platform grow and develop? You can also participate in our Alpha bug hunting contest and earn GUP.

Our community forum has been growing and we really appreciate your feedback and contributions to it. If you haven’t already, please consider checking out our forum for interesting conversations, competitions, and updates directly from our team at: community.matchpool.com.

Thanks for reading,The Matchpool Team 💧