Matchpool Launches Cryptocurrency-Powered Dating Platform in Alpha | Finance Magnates

5Y Ago

Matchpool, the blockchain-based community platform allowing anyone to open their own matchmaking pool, today announced its Alpha launch. Earlier this year, Matchpool raised nearly $6 million in a 33-hour token sale to disrupt the dating apps business.

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The Matchpool platform allows anyone to create shared interest groups called ‘pools’, similar to Slack Channels, and be rewarded for making connections among friends or users of similar interests. While dating is the initial use case presented by Matchpool, the developers say that the platform can be used for anything from business to health to education networking.

Participation in Matchpool is rewarded with the Guppy in-game cryptocurrency token. Guppy tokens can be used to access private pools, purchase content, and incentivize matchmaking. The ERC20 ‘GUP’ token is currently tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges, and the developers promise that it will be integrated into the platform in the coming months.

Yonatan Ben Shimon

“We initially created Matchpool to be a dating platform, but quickly realized the technology can be applied to so much more,” said Yonatan Ben Shimon, CEO of Matchpool. “Soon, we’ll offer developers the opportunity to build custom apps within Matchpool to provide extra avenues for community members to initiate, maintain, and be rewarded for creating meaningful connections. This idea can be stretched across any shared interest group to bring people together from anywhere in the world.”

“We built Matchpool based on the needs and interests of the community, and participants have tested the platform to provide feedback and new feature ideas,” said Maximus Richardson, co-founder of Matchpool. “We look forward to continued feedback from the community as we prepare for our eventual Beta launch.”