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Matchpool Alpha release – Matchpool

Matchpool Alpha Release Statistics It has been an intensive 3 months since I joined Matchpool, in those 3 months we moved offices twice and we put our focus on recruiting and development. Hiring Status:

For the past few months we have been focusing our effort on recruiting. We have interviewed for a variety of positions. Our efforts have paid off and we have hired three super-stars for development, design and product positions. Even with these excellent hires, we are still in the processes of hiring more team members.

In order to achieve equal employment opportunities, Matchpool regularly publishes all available positions on our website.

Development Status:

In the development sector, the last few months have been very productive for Matchpool. A variety of new services and partnerships have been introduced, and the Alpha has gained traction and continues to grow at an impressive rate.

Some Statistics from the last few days: More than 700 users have registered to use the Alpha appMore than 130 pools have been createdMore than 300 posts and comments have been madeWe have also received a lot of supporting emails! Other Statistics:

162 commits 40000+ lines of code

commits per day What’s next?

We will continue with the recruitment process and continue to choose the best and most suitable candidates to join the team. As for the development, we’re working on fixing bugs and adding new features to the Alpha.

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