Matchpool Alpha — It Begins ⚡️ – Matchpool

5Y Ago
An Introduction to Matchpool

Matchpool is the first community and incentive driven social network built on Ethereum. Guppy tokens (GUP) are the currency used inside the platform and can be exchanged by Matchpool members. With GUP, members can be paid for matchmaking people together, can gain access or subscribe to pay-walled groups (pools), and can purchase content created by other users on the platform.

So what’s in the Alpha? 👊🏼

The Alpha is currently has the following:

A fresh new identity Register and sign in with email or FacebookCreate and edit profilesSearch pools via pre-assigned categories Request to join poolsBe accepted into poolsView members in poolsPost discussion threads in poolsCreate and edit poolsAccept or reject pool member requestsPrivately chat with other members (Currently you can chat with everyone)Add a unique Ethereum addresses to profiles and pools

Note: Guppy (GUP) cannot be transacted inside the current Alpha. You’ll be able to transact with GUP in our Beta release. Subscribe at the bottom of the post to stay updated with Guppy news.

Matchpool Alpha — A Fresh New Look for Matchpool