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Announcing the Guppy Alliance – Matchpool

Announcement: The Guppy Alliance Matchpool strives to build a platform and an ecosystem that encourages social interaction while enabling both experts and thought leaders to have financial interaction with their audience via sale of premium content.

We want to expand the scope of platform’s potential. We are in a new ecosystem called Ethereum and our purpose is to help Ethereum to reach mainstream adoption. We want to help tech platforms begin to use cryptographic tokens. In this post, I will outline the details of the Guppy Alliance and how its fits with that vision.

The purpose of the Guppy Alliance is to join forces with socially oriented tech companies and encourage them use our token, the Guppy, both internally and externally with their platform or their product .

Companies involved in our Alliance will recognize great value with the opportunity to enter into the blockchain space with small risks and low costs. These companies can also benefit by showing their audience/clients that they are forward thinking company and open to adopting new technologies. In addition, we will allocate a certain amount of Guppies Tokens to companies that join our Alliance. This will give them the initial interest to join.

We are looking for companies who meet the following criteria: Social oriented platforms: Games companies, Dating platforms (all forms) or social networks that interact with individual users.They have more then one product in production.They are encouraging innovation and changes in their organization .

We believe this Alliance will help the Ethereum Ecosystem and Matchpool Ecosystem in particular to grow and will accelerate our vision to turn the internet into more decentralized and fair space.

Please feel free to approach me with every question or suggestion you have in mind.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,

Yonatan Ben Shimon, CEO Matchpool

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