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Why Team Neutrality on Gridcoin Research will be Positive

There has been much talk and buzz in the Gridcoin Research community regarding the limitations of having to be signed up to a team, or not.

Here we will look a little more into detail on what this is all about and what it means for the future of Gridcoin. There are many very interesting possibilities for the future for this great coin.

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But let me give You my view on the future of this great coin What is "Team Requirement", Isn't Gridcoin a Cryptocurrency?

Yes, it is a cryptocurrency. But the coin is not backed by mining in the same cense as Bitcoin that uses Proof-of-Work. Gridcoin uses Proof-of-Stake like many other coins already do, so it's already safe in the actual mining department. What makes Gridcoin very special is that it also rewards users for performing various computational tasks on BOINC, an Open-source software for volunteer computing.

BOINC has been around for a very long time, 15 years this year. To make people compete they added teams to rival against each other on who made the most points each day, week, year. They even have many friendly competitions between teams.

When Gridcoin started they decided to make it a requirement to be on the same team, namely Gridcoin. This was made to make collection of stats much easier, among other things.

The community of BOINC is in its core a horder of things, so far points. Our goal is to make them hord coins to, and compete friendly against each others with this as well.

Team Rivalry and Team Poaching

Gridcoin is an open community and tries to expand to the entire community of BOINC. But since it's been a requirement to be on a specific team there has been many accusations of "Team Poaching" and there has been some angry rivalry...

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