wallet.dat corrupted, can it be restored?

1M Ago
Hi everyone. My operating system was hacked, I was forced to restore from a backup. But the wallet was damaged. I re-downloaded the blockchain and copied the file itself from another backup on a reliable disk, which I did back in December 2020: wallet.dat and gridcoinresearch.conf. But the client complains that the file is damaged and recovery is impossible. I have already tried console, including RPC, tried salvagevallet an older version of the client and nothing helps. Private keys could not be retrieved. Eh, it was them that should have been copied, and not this stupid .dat. Log: Page 0: metadata page corrupted Page 0: could not check metadata page wallet.dat: DB\_VERIFY\_BAD: Database verification failed \_\_db\_meta\_setup: I:\\GridcoinResearch\\wallet.dat: unexpected file type or format Encrypted checksum: no encryption key specified Any solutions?