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Thoughts on GRC: How the user experience could be improved (2)

Thoughts on GRC [003] – How the user experience could be improved (2)

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The current newbie user experience regarding Gridcoin has been very interesting so far. I’m learning new things every week thanks to very informative and productive discussions on slack, IRC, etc. However, especially during my first week I had a lot of questions and while there were plenty posts on various platforms and many community members eager to help, there still was one question: did I set up everything correctly?

All the install guides have been updated recently, so it will be less confusing for newbies joining in the future. But I think it wouldn’t hurt to implement a more sophisticated feedback feature, either inside the GRC wallet client or using a website, that displays some sort of summary of the installation and configuration status.

Basically, there is only one thing a newbie GRC miner will need: patience. If the setup works out fine and people know what they are doing, they will be up and running within a few hours (probably faster). Actually, setting up BOINC, the wallet and start crunching is done rather quickly. However, if the setup isn’t as smooth and a few things are not working as expected, it will need more time to sort things out and understand what is going on and why – especially for less tech savvy people.

This is obviously a typical and very well known aspect of any software installation and configuration – not a GRC-only problem. Yet, implementing a feedback feature could help to calm down newbies and impatient users.

In my case, it took more than 48 hours after initial install until I received my first faucet transaction. For me, that was the final confirmation that everything was running as supposed to be. During that time I already used BOINC, but I did not know if the completed tasks even genereated GRC, if all the addresses, etc. were set up correctly – not to m...

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