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Thoughts on GRC: How the user experience could be improved (1)

Thoughts on GRC [002] – How the user experience could be improved (1)

In my introduction I talked a bit about the BOINC/GRC relationship and benefits, but also mentioned that there are a few aspects that might keep people away from GRC. This article will focus on these very aspects from the perspective of a newbie GRC miner.

There have been a few discussions lately on reddit, github, steemit and slack about possible strategies to attract more miners, since more miners = more computation = more science. While I agree with this sentiment, I think we should take a look at current roadblocks first:

semi-required investments & resource availability (newbie) user experience lack of long-term investment options (GRC only) lack of long-term applications (GRC only)

I feel these are the four major aspects that prevent non-/semi-altruistic people to join Gridcoin, respectively to start mining in order to contribute to the BOINC/GRC relationship and/or to simply make profit. While the (newbie) user experience, as well as semi-required investments and resource availability impact both GRC and BOINC, the lack of long-term investment options and applications is rather currency related and does not directly impact BOINC, yet may influence future development of this collaboration depending on what choices will be made.

Points 3) and 4) will be discussed at a later time – right now, I would like to focus on 1) and 2) during the first few articles of this series, since there is plenty to discuss imho. Besides I consider these two roadblocks more relevant regarding the BOINC/GRC relationship, especially for potential miners who are not interested in making profit with the coin but would rather support BOINC and are looking for a way to get a tiny reward for their semi-altruistic intentions.

Let’s begin with the semi-required investments first, as well as resource availability, because this is something that prevents people fro...

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