Teaching my kid and asking for help!


My kid came to me a couple days ago saying he wants to build a crypto mining rig. I told him OK but we will build it from scratch as part of your homeschool.

My reading so far has brought me here (and to discord) because if we are going to burn so much electricity it should contribute something positive to society.

For now we are using a window desktop we had sitting around, but we are planning on building a GPU rig with recycled parts and will run it on excess power generated by our solar panels in daytime peak.

We got all set up today but would appreciate if someone here could spare a coin or two for us to get the beacon up and start crunching.

I want to run this temporary setup for a week and then sit down with him and do the math around how much money to invest in hardware vs expected return when sourcing parts for the dedicated rig.

[Address removed, donation received.]