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Staking with wallet deamon on a pi

Hi, after running the wallet for a long time on my windows pc, i wanted to move it to my pi3 (now on buster), which i run headless. the installation of the buster - arm version went well, and also the transfer of the two important files (.conf and wallet.dat ) seems to have worked so far. I let it run and catch up over night, now i can read out the correct balance of the wallet etc pp. even unlocking the wallet seems to work, getmininginfo displays "staking": true. BUT the command to unlock the wallet "walletpassphrase" does only work with a timespan in seconds, correct? The help command does not seem to be very helpful on this one. So I HAVE to set a time in seconds, since it can´t be zero; what is the maximum i can set, because I do not want to unlock the wallet every other day.. or is there something I am doing wrong / am not seeing here? ​ Thanks in advance!
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