Some good Gridcoin news!

steemit.com5y ago

Recently there are many bad news out there about Gridcoin. But we all should not focuse on the price of gridcoin we should look at what the Gridcoin community achieved so far! We all helped science and we'll help science in the future! I crunched BOINC WU for years totally free! For me the Gridcoin price is secondary. What I like about Gridcoin is the community. So let's call down and look at the Boincstats.

Team Gridcoin is on the second place! source:

And our RAC is more than four times as big as the one of the team in front of us. Team Gridcoin will be the leading team very very soon! It's about science and not about the price guys! A low price let you buy more coins to stake more often!

Happy crunching and mining!